Sunday, May 31, 2009


Location - Our front yard
Music - Yells and screams form the Strong lunged little brat.
Mood - The peace after the party

One of the many cares of being a mother is having the child face your cam to record that perfect memory. The little girl was dresses in red and white and wore knee length boots - the whole ensemble looked like a million bucks but the kid was too reluctant to face the cam and smile - she got rid of the boots once she came home from the party and got into her hot pink Crocs and ran haywire on the sidewalk and the street. This pic above captured her hand with the interesting pattern of the shadow from the almond tree. The little almond pods, the leaves basking in the sun and her hair reflecting her own personality make this one my next record.

And then with the first picture - it is the gait again - almost like a dance move - with the recycled plastic bag from 'Sweet Factory' holding what she calls her - "Rock Collection" - courtesy the 4 yr old Caillou that comes into her world through the telly!
The pink crocks give an interesting twist to her party dress and the energy and spirit, form this lasting impression on a mom's heart!

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