Thursday, May 14, 2009


Place - A upscale apartment complex in Mumbai - the New York of India.
Mood - festive

What happens when there is a crunch of something - say space?

Do people fight for their piece of land or do they look at it as an opportunity to stay closer to one another and celebrate their togetherness?
My last visit to the resilient, multi-cultured and mod city unveiled before me the spirit of oneness the people living in the Humongous apartment complex had. These seating arrangements for the Diwali dinner buffet looked like blooms celebrating the unity of being a social family. The lawn sets off the arrangement into a visual treat.
The festival was celebrated in the parking lot of the complex. hundreds of residents dressed in their festive best played with fire works - there were different languages and dialects floating in the air, mixing with the sharp smell and soot created by the fireworks - the spirit of belonging outshone the sparks of the flowerpots shooting fire-stars in the dark no-moon night. The blooms accommodated people of all races, languages and lands making them their fragrance.

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