Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fairy God mother's new child on the block.

Cars are like cookware to me - I could make a pan cake in a stockpot and soup in a saute pan - So, as long as the car has a rear view mirror, a seat, seat belt and four wheels I am covered.So I fail to understand the hype surrounding this babe named Carmen. She is a Ford Mustang Species and is currently into a long term relationship with my little brother. She makes me or my hubby park our cars outside since her sweetheart is too scared to leave her on the driveway and our garage can accommodate only two.
My lazy little brother, who was sharing my outdated, dented Civic is lazy if I'd not already mention it. I see a long term relationship with Carmen too....not the one dirty minds imagine but the one of a fairy god mother. I would've clicked a pic of my perfectly manicured hand holding the magic wand in the foreground - but the car broom wasn't readily available.
So here's adventure to the younger - upkeep to the older and an update to the world wide web:-)

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