Friday, May 15, 2009


Location - My Sister in Law's front yard, New Jersey.
Mood - Playful for the subject, determined for me:-)
Music - Raindrops on roses from "The Sound of Music"

One of my favourite pictures of Aarti. This picture made me make a second take on the way Aarti walks. It is a mom speaking - but I think her gait has a grown-up quality and after looking at this pic, I feel flattered when people say she has the same mannerisms as I have and hopefully I have the gait too! LOL. I also like this picture since it does not focus on the subject's face - Instead it makes me weave stories about the way she glides, her little sun dress and the blue sandals. The trees throw an interesting blend of light and shadow on the path she walks - This blissful fluke will remain my much cherished pics of my little baby.

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