Saturday, May 9, 2009

I receive.

I receive a lot of things in a day's life - Inspirations, blessings in form of little joys, visions of beauty, love, laughter and loads of impressions.
A sanskrit saying goes - SarvenDriYaaNaAm NaYanam PraDHAanam. Which means - eye sight is the most imprtant of all the senses - and this blog is created to capture the everyday sights I come across that touch me. That being said, I wish to make this a picture blog depcting strictly original visuals with my own commentary and preception of the pictures. From change of seasons that reflect in the Japanese Maple on our side yard to the interesting designs, arts, faces or expressions I come across - the blog covers it all with a dose of my trademark ponder thrown in.

I invite you all to be with me and encourage me to document what I intend to document.
A thing of beauty is a joy for ever they say. And all of us who can see beauty as much as we can, touch, feel, hear and taste it should be grateful.
So friends, family and fellow bloggers - consider donating your eyes and a peek into
Sankara eye foundation's website -
- Share the love, spread the beauty. The beauty of seeing, loving and giving by making a small donation when ever your purse permits.

Open your eyes to the world of giving and Let the Iris-eive visions of love!

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