Monday, May 18, 2009

Flora and Fauna

Location - Oakland zoo, CA
Mood - relaxed
Music - All natural - rustling of leaves, kids laughing & talking and chirping of birds

The Fauna will be missing form the blog and will perhaps feature in another, but the Flora is right here to adorn the vase of my virtual space. The bright but gentle afternoon Sun provided the perfect enhancement to my quest of clicking visuals. I am not sure what this bloom is called but I'd just prefer naming it colorfully breathtaking! I loved the texture of the flower, the fiery shades which kind of made me think of fireworks that blossom in celebration of the July 4th weekend. The way the color sprouted out of dead bark, no signs of green - just saturated, vibrant color - and the petals against the dry brown earth and the unexpected, and inconspicuous place I spotted them speak to me language of beauty and hope.

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