Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sun and shade

Location - 14th floor of an apartment complex - Mumbai, India.
Mood - blissful
Music - random thuds and noises form the adjacent 'under construction' apartment.

My relationship with the 'Sun' started very young. I remember how I used to circle around our house through the huge back and side yard we had, focusing on my shadow and the way it changed depending on the time of the day. I loved to listen to stories about much celebrated "Surya"or Sun god in Hindu mythology while my mom put us to bed. Sunrises and sunsets on the banks of Godavari were always an out-of-the world treat. I only wish I had a camera in those days with which I could've recorded all those visuals. Sun is by far the most powerful element I'd experienced. He seems to feed the plants, create rain, make the life giving day, generate enough heat to make each house in the neighborhood I live bright, hot or humid depending on the season and his mood - and extend it to the neighborhood of the whole planet.
He makes me shudder sometimes when I get scared about sun-burns and premature wrinkles. He also floods my east-face home with golden light everyday - kind of like a blessing from the heavens. His light makes my adobe bright, peaceful and inviting.
Sometimes I feel a great endearment for him and try to look at him in the eye - he is overwhelming - but at dusk he mellows down - looking like a warm, cozy orange light that would fit in like a dream in a serene living room. His docility at the end of the day makes me wonder if he is tired - and then I call my parents on the other side of the world and figure out he is not - he's just shifted base.
This picture was taken on a late November evening. I could not take my eyes off of him and am glad I had my third eye around to cherish the moment for years to come. The under-construction sky scrapers tried to tease me by coming in between me and my visual delight -but that just adds to the allure -some how.
Sun - the most powerful elements of all , a light from the heavens happily agrees to get captured in my little cam - I just have to ask him at the right moment of his day:-)

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