Thursday, May 28, 2009

Color spells Flowers

Flowers and color have been synonymous to me all the time. I had used the many color schemes of flowers as inspiration to color the many things I'd colored and designed- walls, paper, nails, eyes, outfits, jewelry etc. As much as I love flowers and color, I disdain cutting them off of the plants - so this Orchids, that must have lent their inspiration to the weavers of silk in India were a perfect choice for my V'day present. I forced my boy friend( - or so the farmer who was selling these in the downtown farmers' market thought- )to buy them for me. He obliged since he was left with no choice - the boy friend in question is not the kind lacking generosity and thought - it is just the demonstration of thought that he lacks - but the fiery burgundy and the mellow yellow made up for it all, adorning the center stage of my home - the kitchen island, for days together. Now the plant is all set to bloom its second batch.
I like the sound of the name Orchids - almost sounds like an entire garden, not just one. This one plant is worth the entire garden for me and thus it comes here, to be a part of my picture world.

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