Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Little Robin,Flew away.
Where can little Robin be ?
Gone upto the cherry-tree.
Location - Lopez Cherry farms, Brentwood.
Mood - Gluttony
Music - Munch, munch on the juicy fruit.
It was a moderately sunny afternoon, sunny enough to tan us all amber and burn one of us beet red, but the visual treats dangling from the lush trees worked as an 'after- sun- rescue-balm.'
It is interesting how the fruit looked like tiny little lighted ornaments on an off beat Christmas tree and the late may afternoon looked like a Christmas in late spring with all the illuminated cherries heaving on the branches as the wind played with them. All hues of the fire were sported in the naturally sweetened fruit depending upon how and where the sun hit them - some were stark (off) white, some a true cherry red, and some a deep black red - but all equally beautiful - equally eye candy.
We came home with filled bags and a fulfilled, fruitful weekend - a weekend fulfilled with the taste of sweet cherries on our tongues, the treat of the vast farm lands and many windmills on our way to the middle of nowhere.
The leaves look like they are trying to act as an umbrella, guarding the fruit from the sun. The light seeps through the leaves neverthless, creating a halo like illumination on the perfect fruit. I spared these, didn't pick them - since my eyes and my cam already devoured the taste of their unmatched beauty.
If abundance exists anywhere - it does right there in Brentwood, CA.
God Bless the good Ol America!
P.S - please excuse the out of context nursery rhyme - it just had to be featured here since those were the lines I recollected way back form my kindergarten with just one look at those beauties!

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