Friday, May 22, 2009

Location - Mumbai, India
Mood - idle
Music - Pressure cooker whistling, TV running in the background.

Bridges symbolise something very spiritual and super-human to me - like devices that connect two very different and separate entities. Prayers, letters, emails and even blogs are bridges of sorts - Bridges that help establish the link from point A to Point B.
Having grown up on a banks of a perennial river that has three bridges, they also symbolise to me my childhood,my homeland and a feeling of Dejavu
This visual that greeted me every morning from the window of my sister's flat threatens to disappear with its hazy background - the dense city fog - but kind of lingers there, much like the subject itself - forming a bridge between me and the wonderful time I had and memories I accumulated in the land of hope. The partial views of the buildings on the shore, the flecks that are early birds trying to catch their worms, and the steel ropes that kind of look like threads on a weaver's frame - all symbolise my catch and the verbal visual I am trying to weave with the aid of my cam!

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