Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Location - Mumbai, India
Mood - Nostalgic
Music - screams and laughter of children in the adjacent playground.

Protection and security is all what creatures on this planet seek, form the turtle that goes into its shell to resemble a stone when in danger to the chameleon that changes colors to blend and go invisible to its predators , are all built-in security features that God had incorporated into his creations. So how do us mortals protect what we create? By installing security alarms, locks, fences, compound walls, insurances and in this case here, an array of sharp glass pieces embedded into the boundary walls of the apartment complex. When I was little, I once saw these on our school compound wall and asked an older kid what they were meant for - "these are pieces of glasses that hurt the feet of robbers if they ever try to jump the wall and come inside the school" the 'smarter-than-me' kid replied. I was too young to understand the value or the need of protecting what matter to us - This recent visual was a trip down the memory lane and a reminder to me that love for things and fear of losing them kind of prevails hand in hand.

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