Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Windmill of the Gods

Location - I 580 E towards Vasco N
Music - The wind cutting against the open, moving car-window
Mood - Awe

Some visuals summon to me the pieces of my past - thus the non original title borrowed from Sidney Sheldon. Actually, isn't it interesting to make windmills belong to the Gods? These magnificent structures spinning, cutting through the invisible wind and generating power? - Much like prayers that spin through invisible faith, generating the power of oneness with God?
Enough said!

This lone guy looks like a soldier too - ready to spin the sword and create magic. The sky, the clouds, and the land doused with dry grass all sing his praise and freeze in awe maybe?
Interestingly enough, a group of these looked like tombstones in a cemetery, but that is a different entry. LOL

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