Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Light seems to enhance the beauty of everything - actually, light allows us to enjoy beauty. It is like one of those stories where a tomato decides to put on her red color again once the sun rises. Over the years of decorating and redecorating my house, I'd realised that proper lighting can make a breathtaking room and also make mediocre anything look mind boggling. Be it a simple tea light burning by itself or a chandelier adorned with tons of crystals, light makes an impact like nothing else. Try it - and you'll agree.

This one is a pic clicked in a city civic center - waiting for my daughter to come out after a Christmas performance. I settled on the floor, to one corner of the humongous hall and all I could see was only this light fixture. No need to say cheese and freeze - when the lights are on, smiles of beauty bloom by themselves:-)

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