Friday, December 4, 2009

When the stray cat bought in a what looked like a little piece of meat, I thought it was her prey.
Not till my little girl yelled with sparkling eyes that "The cat bought her baby in" did I realise that this was indeed her bundle of joy - hardly born - closed eyes, wobbly feet and all that. She held the little kitten in her mouth, and settled her comfortably on the hallow cushion of my over sized and empty Samsonite suitcase. She lumbered away and appeared with the second one, a stark black kitten - this time I was sure it was a rat - till I had a closer look. The Stray mom comes home everyday for her meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner, and my mom feeds her in the stainless steel cup set aside for her. Lukewarm milk, cheese, rice and curd - the menu consists of steady faves. I had to take the lil kittens out to access my suitcase. Aarti and I made a bed for them out of old rags - we created a cozy cushion big enough for the mom and the babies and the mom settled in and felt at home.
I watched in awe as the little ones nuzzled on her tummy to suckle. The mom kicked back and let out a pleasurable purr. Cats or humans - motherhood is indeed Bliss.
Here are the lil kittens that moved the mom in me and my little girl. First on my suitcase and then in my palm.

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