Saturday, August 8, 2009

MonaLisa's Home Sweet Home

I'd heard about "Paris" long before I'd understood the concept of countries and boundaries. And the hype and hoopla surrounding the city with its allure and glamor puts the namesake celebrities that loiter around the social circuit to absolute shame. One can not help but succumb to the city's magnificence, beauty and magnetic charm. Each street seems to have a story of it's own, each block unfolds a drama so captivating. Eiffel stands tall and proud in the midst, like a show host giving us a sneak preview of what can be discovered in the magical city of fashion and fragrances. The weather was kind to us - it was a sunny noon with the right amount of breeze to let us focus on what is around us. This snap was clicked from the second level of Eiffel. The sky, the waters, the roads and even the vehicles that travel on them seem to follow a certain flow, a certain pattern and hue that makes Paris what it is.
The buildings and the museums co-exist on busy streets busting with tourists and natives. Paris is definitely a piece of work, a brilliance, a masterpiece that not only houses one of the wonders of the planet - but stands alone as a wonder in itself in all its breathtaking glory.

Here's a picture that provides evidence of the explanation - and the shadow of Eiffel on the right bottom corner seems to agree!

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